I’m not sure if I should be counting the days the way that I am. I started my day counting with the date of my surgery as day one, because I was alert and “lucid” post op, or if I should have had the number one be the day after my surgery.

Regardless, today is a big day. I am being sent home! Dr. Daniel Z. Liu is the attending surgical resident. He and two other surgeons came in about 7:45 am and said that I could go home today. They then took out both JP drains in my breasts, removed my Doppler wires (which allowed them to listen to the blood flowing in and out of my veins in my reconstructed breasts), and took out my pain pump from my abdomen.

Having my drains pulled wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I was expecting to feel them being tugged through my skin, but it seemed more like how I imagine it to feel when people do that trick of sending a spaghetti noodle through their nostrils.

I’m a little worried about going home. We have a lot of stairs I have to climb to get into bed. We also have cats and toddlers that typically want to climb all over me. I know I’ll be sad about being sidelined during the rest of my recovery but I really couldn’t be more thankful for getting this far free of complications and with an excellent surgical outcome.

Now I just wait and see how sore I get with having my drains pulled, wires pulled, some staples out, and my medication tapered.

So excited to go home though!!!