Well, this is almost one week down of this new life of mine.  It’s only temporary but it feels like it is never going to end.  My impatience is probably ridiculous, but I would like to be feeling much better than I am.

Overall I’m doing well, I think.  I slept pretty well last night after my sister, Alyssa, reconstructed her pillow jigsaw puzzle for me on the couch.  She took one for the team and slept on the couch with me in case I needed any help during the night.  I successfully got into and out of my make shift bed unassisted during the night, all without injury.  Today Alyssa helped me shower, washed my hair, and helped me get dressed.  It’s amazing how difficult getting back into everyday things has been.  I move like a sloth and it’s annoying.  It’s like it hurts to be slow.  I also can’t lie down for too long because my upper body gets very stiff if I do. My “new” accomplishments today:

1.  Washed myself unassisted in the shower (other than my hair);

2.  Got myself out of bed after my nap alone;

3.  Dressed myself alone;

4.  Walked 3 blocks (2 flat, one on a hill) with my sister; and,

5.  Opened my pill bottles by myself.

That last one, #5, might not seem like a big deal but opening a childproof pill bottle requires some grip strength and engaging of muscles I’ve recently had cut open.

I am not able to stand up straight today.  My lower back is really aching because of it, but my skin has not loosened enough around the Dermabond to let it happen.  Today we also had to call the triage nurse out my reconstructive surgeon’s office because my left “flap” has been seeping a lot of blood.  I saturated my surgical camisole and also a tank top my sister put on for me.  The nurse said that this was normal but to look for signs of infection (a stench, inflammation, running a fever).  The generally accepted “solution” to this additional leaking is to put a panty liner under the flap to absorb the blood.  Technology is amazing.

Here are some more photos of my progress.  Still pretty swollen; still pretty spooky.  But there’s progress.

Still a lot of swelling