Today I am short on patience.  Yesterday I discussed instituting my “NAPA” to try and get both my fluid out put down and the swelling on my left flap to decrease.  After, literally, a day+ of doing as close to nothing as it gets (some indifferent teenagers have me beat, I’m sure), my output is still over 20cc on my left side drain and my left flap is so swollen that it’s completely enveloped my suture (photos below).  I took an extended nap, earlier in the day than usual, and screwed myself up on my medication schedule because I slept through my alarms to take them.  So, I think that sleeping through my ibuprofen dosage hasn’t helped my swelling decrease, and sleeping through my pain medication has me trying to dial it down even more so that I’m not any more uncomfortable than need be.

Today my sternum and ribs are all tremendously sore and bother some.  Just like when I first came out of surgery, it hurts to take deep breaths.  I’m not sure if I did something in my sleep or if this is something that will wax and wane, but it truly is jarring to try to inhale and be confronted with shooting pains.

I am over these drains.  I feel like a gun slinger, but with JP Drains in my holsters.  I’ve been trying to figure out the most ergonomic way to wear them and deal with them throughout the day, but they get caught on everything or I have to wear my pants too low so that they don’t catch and, in turn, end up trying to keep my pants on all day.  My surgical camisole, I think, was more meant for women who have JP Drains up top longer than I had.  Trying to store my abdominal drains in my surgical camisole has been a headache.  I also cannot zip the camisole over my super swollen left side, so I’m going without it today.  I’m hoping that my hanging “flaps” don’t invite more inflammation.

My follow up appointments are next week.  On Monday I have my appointment with my breast oncologist/surgeon (Dr. Javid) to get my pathology results.  On Tuesday I meet with someone from Dr. Louie’s team to check my reconstruction.  I need to poke around the I N T E R N E T S for additional questions to ask them other than, “when will the swelling go away?  when will you take these leaches out of me?”.

I’m a negative Nancy today.  (Nancy must’ve been one hell of a pessimist to get pegged with that.)

Aforementioned swelling


The better behaved, much envied right side.


Visible difference due to continued swelling.


Used to be a gun slinger. Now this.