Am I the only person that thinks of this movie scene when I hear/say/read/write “two weeks”?

There’s really no breaking news to report when you’re blogging everyday about surgery recovery.  I’d offer to really ramp things up in the sake of maintaining interest, but that would be a complete disservice to my target audience (other women preparing for this surgery) and would probably involve some sort of self-inflicted wound.  I’m not into that kind of thing.  I’ve aged out of Emo.

Today I decided to walk as much as I wanted, which turned out to not be very much walking.  My sister, Angie, has replaced my sister, Alyssa, as my caretaker and walking companion.  Writing that sentence makes me feel about 65 years older than I am.  But taking stool softener and eating bran cereal two times a day makes me feel 70 years old.  Back to the story; Angie and I walked from my house to the pharmacy because I have a hot (temperature hot, not sexy hot) rash on my abdomen driving me crazy.  We then walked to Starbucks to meet our nanny and my two, cutie pie girls.  We hung out at Starbucks long enough for the girls to throw every rail car for the train set on the ground, have a few fights, and for the weather to get worse.  Then we walked home.  This arduous journey totaled one whole mile.  I felt fine while we were walking, but I was ready for a nap when the girls’ took their nap at 1:30 p.m.

I find that I get tired more because of my medication than anything, but still being unable to take pain free deep breaths does affect my endurance.  Even on a measly one-mile walk, I get winded because I can’t take deep breaths without my ribs and sternum hurting.   I also get tired because I’m still not standing 100% upright.  I’m almost there, but my abdomen is still tight from surgery and impeding my ability to stand erect.  Being hunched over also causes discomfort in my lower back, hamstrings and hips.  It’s a lot like that song, “the back bone’s connected to the hip bone; the hip bone’s connected to the leg bone; the leg bone’s connected to the aching bone.”

Other than these aches, pains, and hot rash I’m doing pretty well.  My range of motion on my right side is much better than my left but my surgeons told me to expect that after the onset of the swelling.  I am very much interested to see how much my ROM improves before I start physical therapy.  Also, I still am sleeping (uncomfortably) on my back.  I asked my sisters and my friend, Emma, today, “What do back sleepers do with their arms?”  I can’t figure out a comfortable arrangement.  Cross them like a vampire?  Prayer style?  Holding my own hands?  As a back sleeper, it’s awkward trying to find a comfortable place to put my hands when I’m usually just laying on top of them.

Day 14 scariness ensues below…

Day 14 frontal photo. A little increase in swelling on my left flap.

Increased swelling on left side, Day 14.

Day 14 abdominal incision (and a lot of dry skin)

As far as I can raise my left arm on Day 14.

Range of motion on my right side is far better than the left. Day 14.