We FINALLY had a peek of some Spring weather today and it was amazing!  I took the wonderful day in full strides, many of them.  The girls headed off to music class this morning and I headed out for a walk to make up for my lack of walking on other days.

I walked to Denny Blaine Park and back towards our neighborhood.  I then went from near back around our house into the Madison Park village, down to the beach front, around a few blocks on the other side of Madison Street, and then back home.  All in all, I think I walked close to 4.5 miles today, which isn’t quite 5 miles but there isn’t a song about 4.5 miles.  There wasn’t a song about 5 miles, but I made it work.  I also decided to take more of a challenging route than the flattish routes I’ve been sticking to since coming home.  On my way to/from Denny Blaine, I went down through this street that Mike and I fondly refer to as “the Dip”. It’s a pretty steep valley (that down in the middle has a nice little bit of hidden beach front) that is a challenge for me when I’m well, but I managed to get through it today without too much trouble.  I did get a little bit winded, and then light headed, when coming back up the hill and stopped for a little break, but it otherwise felt good to get outside, enjoy the weather, and get some actual exercise.

04/02/12 "Dip" entry

04/02/12 "Dip" exit


Unfortunately it seems like everything that I do ends up with more swelling of my left flap.  So right now I feel like it is going to explode.  It is a lot like my underarm is being subjected to a hostile take over by my flap.


04/02/12 Left side, even more swollen

Tomorrow will be a glorious day, as I’m going in to have my final JP Drain removed.  I won’t see either Dr. Louie or Liu, but hope that whomever I get to see can provide me with some medical magic and/or words of advice as to what, if anything, I can do about this growing problem.  It’s really uncomfortable (painful after sleeping through the night or taking a nap) and not showing any sign of slowing down.  So, hopefully there is some sort of medical intervention/solution.

Another question I wanted to ask my doctor(s) is about phantom nipple pain.  I keep having this sharp pain shooting through the area where my nipple used to be but is no longer.  I don’t have any sensation in about 95% of my flaps and am just curious as to whether or not other patients experience this and how long it will last.  I do have a tiny bit of sensation on the interior side of my left flap.  I can run my hand across that area and my skin is hypersensitive to it.  It is very uncomfortable but I didn’t expect to have any sensation on my flaps whatsoever.  Other than that, I only have to report that the pain and stiffness in my left upper body is still present.  It runs underneath my collar bone, over the top of my shoulder and by the outside of my shoulder blade.  Hopefully this resolves sooner than my swelling is estimated to, but who knows how long it takes a body to workout all the kinks and fully recovery from all of this.

Daily dose of scary follows…

04/02/12 Frontal

04/02/12 Left side

04/02/12 Right side