I have ZERO drains left!  This morning I went into Dr. Louie’s office and had my finally, pain in the side, JP Drain removed.  It was quick, painless, and as freeing as I dreamt it would be.  I can pull my pants up and down without worrying about catching my drain; I can walk close to the counters and not snag the tube on something; I can sit on the floor and play with our girls and not worry that they will mistake my drain for the next item of play.  In short, HOORAY!  My drain was pulled 13 hours ago but it’s still seeping Funky Cold Medina or whatever that is, so I’m currently wearing a designer gauze pad and some surgical tape.  I was told it should close up by the morning. Other than that, Dr. Louie just told me to continue to take it easy, not over do it, and heal.

04/03/12 - Drain site

I had the chance to ask Dr. Louie about my left side still being swollen and his comments were in line with what Dr. Liu told me.  The veins on my left side are significantly smaller than those on my right (common for everyone to have larger veins on the side on which they are dominant), so my left side is just processing any excess fluid slower than my right.  He said it could take a few months for the swelling to resolve, but if my left flap continued to be larger than my right then he could liposuction some of the fatty tissue out of my left flap to make it even with my right.  While I understand that this is an option if I want my flaps to be concordant, I don’t feel strong enough about how similar (or dissimilar) they are to undergo liposuction.  I’m so focused on getting back to our everyday lives, that liposuction of the flap sounds 210% unthinkable.  I can live with asymmetry.  And, yet again, I failed to remember to ask Dr. Louie about my rash.  It hasn’t gotten any worse, but parts of it have gone from rash to molting reptile.

04/03/12 - Rash/peeling

This afternoon I received a phone call from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to schedule my first physical therapy appointment.  This I was excited about, until the scheduler asked me if I could come in tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.  I was taken aback by this because starting physical therapy at 2.5 weeks post surgery doesn’t seem in line with my reconstructive surgeons’ instructions.  I asked the scheduler if I was cleared by both Drs. Javid and Louie to start PT, and she didn’t know.  She said she was following Dr. Javid’s referral slip to schedule PT “sooner versus later” and called.  So the scheduler and I hung up, and I called Dr. Louie’s office to find out if it was ok for me to go to PT tomorrow.  I haven’t heard back yet (because I called at the end of the work day) but am interested to hear if it is ok for me to start PT tomorrow.

As far as accomplishments and pain today, my left side is still throbbing, stiff and sore.  My range of motion on the left side is still significantly limited compared to the right.  But last night I slept with my left arm propped up on a pillow like it was in the hospital, and when I had my usual 2 a.m. wake up my arm felt better than it had after the past couple weeks of sleeping without it supported.  So tonight I will sleep with a pillow under my arm again and see if the support overnight makes any impact tomorrow.  At this point, though, I just feel like throwing my left arm in a sling and letting it set there for a week. I didn’t hit any significant “back to me achievements” today that come to mind.  Me, our nanny, and the girls hit the mall for some retail therapy and indoor walking since Seattle weather is back to raining, pouring, boring.  Surviving taking twin toddler girls who are in the midst of a princess obsession to The Disney Store is quite an accomplishment, so I’ll post it here.

So that’s it for today!  Here’s your daily dose…

04/03/12 - Frontal

04/03/12 - Flaps

04/03/12 - Right side

04/03/12 - Left side