In case you missed it, Spring is in the air.  For most, this is a blessing and welcome sight.  For me, right now, this is a hazard and a potential for some serious pain.  I went for my daily walk today and decided to divert my route to the Arboretum.  It was only drizzling a bit outside and I thought that the trees would provide sufficient cover and scenery for me to endure and enjoy it.  What I forgot was that I am allergic to almost every pollen and I cannot take antihistamines right now.  I reached the top of the first hill in the arboretum and was greeted by this:

04/11/12 - Arboretum

Beautiful sight, full on pain potential.  I have no idea how long it will take my sternum and ribs to feel like they are completely healed, but for now it is still painful (not just uncomfortable) to sneeze or have a clearing cough.  Despite the hazard, I endured the risky business of the arboretum and very much enjoyed the sights.  I came home feeling invigorated from a brisk walk, albeit a bit wheezy, trying not to be sneezey, and itchy.  I had a few smallish sneezes, which I tried to smother before they reached full blow out and agony but was unsuccessful.  All in all, I walked for 3.2 miles and got some good exercise before it started raining hard.

I enjoy being able to walk for exercise.  It was really challenging to be able to only go a block or two just after my surgery.  I felt like the less mobile I was, the worst I felt.  I also felt like my pain increased ten fold if I just laid around most of the day.  Fresh air is always welcome, as is the outdoors, to get my blood pumping.  But I cannot do anything more than walk at this point.  Even after simply walking 3 miles, I worry about my noobs and healing blood vessels.  I worry mostly because when my heart rate picks up, I have this unusual pulsating feeling in my chest and noobs, which doesn’t go away for hours on end.  It’s something that I need to throw in my follow up file for my visit with Dr. Louie.  I think it may be a confluence of healing and change in my body at once, but I am still a bit disconcerted everyday when my body goes through this little pitter patter ritual.

Before I leave you with the daily dose, I wanted to note that I slept off of my crazy contour pillow last night.  It was semi-successful in that I didn’t awake this morning with new complaints, but I didn’t sleep through the night.  I kept trying to roll over in my sleep, which I cannot do because even attempting to roll over in my sleep causes enough pain to wake me.  So, there were a lot of roll over attempts, followed by waking up, followed by trying to find a comfortable position, followed by rinse, later and repeating.  I still curl my legs up off to the side because being stretched fully out and flat on my back is slightly uncomfortable for my abdominal incision.  I think that before this coming Monday, I should be able to lay flat on the bed.  HOPE HOPE HOPE.

Peligroso, Cuidado!  Exit if you don’t dare endure the daily dose…


04/11/12 - Frontal

04/11/12 - NOOBS

04/11/12 - Abdominal incision

04/11/12 - Left

04/11/12 - Right