What can I say?  More unseasonably warm weather, sunshine, pleasantness…and swelling.

We had a cold morning turn into a really gorgeous day today.  Cate and the girls took an early trip to the park this morning while I took care of some household stuff and got myself ready for the day.  We decided to do something different and fun, and we took the girls to an indoor trampoline place today so they could jump around.  I was a little bit anxious about doing this with them, knowing that Cate and I would each have to manage 1 child if the place was really busy with other kids.  When we got inside, there was a specific area for little ones, so it made our jobs a little easier.  That being said, the girls still wanted me to be involved.  I kind of decided to go for it these next few days, with my follow up appointment on Monday.  So while I was a little worried about my abilities at the trampoline place, I wanted to test a few things out.

I was able to hold hands with the girls while they jumped, and I could lift a little bit of their weight pain free, but I am in no way ready to lift them up.  I tried picking up our daughter Olivia to help her sit on my lap when we were leaving but quickly realized that my body wasn’t ready for it.  There wasn’t screaming pain, but I could full my muscles pull along side my ribs, underneath my flaps and also at my sternum – and it didn’t feel great.  So I went from a lifting motion to more of a sliding her uphill on my legs.  That I could manage with a little discomfort, which I think is going to be more of my new reality if I’m released to go to physical therapy on Monday.  I was kidding myself two weeks ago when I thought that my start of physical therapy would be the end of my pain.  I think it’s more likely that the start of PT will be the start of a different kind of pain!  We’ll see how it goes.

This evening I’m still moving around pretty well but my upper back and lats hurt, which isn’t really new.  I think that my lats hurt from trying to bear a little more weight when playing with the girls today.  My left noob hasn’t swollen any more today, but it still hurts.  The strange pulsating sensation continued while I was on my walk today.  I was telling Cate yesterday that I think that sensation may be more of a sign that I may be getting some sensation back in that area (and the area surrounding it).  Maybe I’m being too hopeful about that.

The only other item I thought I’d add to today’s post is that my skin is peeling like I’ve suffered the world’s worst sunburn.  I have no idea why having these surgical procedures would cause me to peel like I am.  I’ve included photos of the skin peeling on my noobs and some of my sides, but it has truly been over my entire upper body, including my arms.  This is something else that I will ask my surgeon about on Monday.  I apologize for not having the photos of my surgery swag today.  I need to not procrastinate on my around-the-house projects so I can actually take these photos and get them posted for anyone else’s reference.


Tune in Tokyo…or tune out.



04/13/12 - Frontal

04/13/12 - Flaps

04/13/12 - Abdominal incision

04/13/12 - Right side

04/13/12 - Left side

04/13/12 - Right side peeling

04/13/12 - Left side peeling

04/13/12 - Walk stats