Sorry for being a horrible (even for a newbie) blogger.  This has been an oddly busy, but not super busy, weekend.  My husband has a case going to trial on Monday and I’m still hobbled.  So I’ve been trying to do more “solo parenting” this weekend, except for heavy lifting, while still recovering.  It is hard and exhausting trying to do things with T-rex arms.

Mike was able to sneak away from his preparation responsibilities today to go to the park with the girls and me this morning.  I still cannot push (or pull) anything that’s heavy, and our enormous double stroller with the girls is probably over 70 lbs, so Mike has to go with us everywhere if the stroller is involved.  This (no pushing/pulling) is a specifically stated restriction on my discharge paper work, but I admit I have attempted a lot of the things I was told not to do just because I’m foolish and a horrible patient like that.  I haven’t tried to push the stroller with the girls in it, but I did use it in an attempt to move some stuff from my car to the front door one day, and just having a few little things plus the weight of the stroller was too much.  I ended up putting everything back in my car and asking someone else to get it for me later.  So I haven’t tried using the stroller again since then.  I also cannot vacuum because I am not strong enough to pull the vacuum back and break its suction with the carpet.  It isn’t pain that I feel (because I don’t push myself that hard during these experiments), but it’s a definite, strong, discouraging sensation outside of and below my noobs, as well as in my chest in the area between my clavicle and the beginning arc of my bust line.

I did have an “OH NO!” moment at the park today.  Our daughter, Olivia, was climbing up this wall that she mastered long ago on the jungle gym.  I was standing behind her in case she fell but not really thinking she would fall; but she did fall.  Instinctively, I reached down, grabbed her and picked her up before she hit the ground.  The good news is that I was able to grab her before she hurt herself.  The bad news is that I think I injured myself in the process.  She is at least 30 lbs; I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 5 lbs.  When I caught her, I felt a pain just below my left flap near that incision sight and also in my under arm area.  With the weight of her in my arms, I felt my lats move quickly and engage, and it hurt.  To be honest, it still hurts.  I walked over and told Mike what happened.  We were both relieved that neither Olivia nor I were hurt, but I’m definitely not feeling as well as I did this morning.  Over the course of the day, my discomfort got worse and turned into full fledged pain.  I was going to take some pain medication today and nap while the girls took their nap, but I had stuff to do around the house and didn’t have an opportunity to lie down and rest.  I will take my pain medication before bed tonight and talk to my surgeon about this incident and my pain tomorrow morning during my follow up.  That being said, nothing hurts like that first week; not even close.  This is just a bit of pain that I shall certainly survive.

As for the small indentation that developed underneath my abdominal scar yesterday, it has come and gone throughout the day.  I  think it’s probably related to me being bloated but will ask tomorrow.  It is interesting to see what my abdomen would look like around my scar if I put on extra weight; bad news. There aren’t any new developments as far as my healing progress is concerned.  My noobs are still peeling and I’m itchy from it; my left side has still gone Dolly Parton rogue on me; and my abdominal scar is almost 100% Dermabond free.  So, if you’re interested, take a peek.  If not, take leave now!




04/15/12 - Frontal

04/15/12 - Flaps

04/15/12 - Abdomen

04/15/12 - Left swelling ct'd (a/k/a - Mt St Helens pre-eruption)

04/15/12 - Right side

04/15/12 - Left side