Is happy!  Today was another day of getting back into it.  Cate and I took the girls to the Children’s Museum today due to inclement weather.  I was glad that I got a crack at this because Mike and my sister took the girls when I was still in the early stages of post-op recovery and I missed out (and we’re both a little competitive).  I was sad the day that Mike and Angie took the girls because I was missing out on something fun they were doing for the first time, and because I love my family and always want to be involved.  So I felt like this was a little bit of a redemption day, and it was a lot of fun.  We spent a couple of hours checking everything out.  The Children’s Museum here isn’t anything too fantastic, but it’s an easy way to burn off a few hours when the weather is rainy and all the other indoor kid venues are filled with buck wild middle school Spring-breakers.  It was pretty easy for me to manage the girls since almost everything is way down.  It’s much easier for me to reach down to the kids’ level than for me to help them reach up.  I had a few shots/kicks to the noobs today when trying to enforce sharing, taking turns, or “time to go!” with the girls – but nothing too scary. As much fun as it was to get my chance to do this with the girls, there is no way I would’ve been able to get through a trip there at 2 weeks post-op.  And I would’ve been sad to have to stop and keep taking breaks between exhibits because I was sore or tired or got hurt somehow.  So, it felt good.  I think it made the girls happy, and it certainly made me happy.

It is nice that I am not only feeling less fragile, but am no longer being treated like I’m made of glass.  I am and have been a fairly independent person.  This makes it super frustrating for me when I am treated like I am going to shatter.  I understand that my family and friends are beyond considerate, nurturing, and wanted only for me to be well cared for (and also careful).  But it is hard to keep telling and convincing yourself that you’re going to get through a life changing event quickly when everyone has on their kid gloves.

Our dad has called each one of us girls a “tough cookie” several times in our lives.  It’s like the highlight of one of his many two minute pep talks he’s sort of infamous for amongst us kids.  I am a tough cookie; I like being treated like a tough cookie.  I DID appreciate no one slapping me on the back, giving me bear hugs, or trying to arm wrestle me in the first few weeks post-op.  But I also appreciated the times when I was left to be and to try to do things on my own.  It takes a lot of work to get back to “normal”.  I’m still not there, but it’s in my sights.  But it also takes a lot of help to get there, too.  I couldn’t have gotten through any of this without the love and support of my friends and family.  Being able to pick up my girls, squeeze them, and fully enjoy our lives together after ~6 weeks feels amazing.  I just wanted to share that with anyone and everyone.  I’m into week 6 post-op, and I feel great.  I am happy with my surgical results thus far (despite the swollen left noob) and am so grateful that modern medicine has come so far.  I hope it keeps progressing at an exponential rate so that if either one of, or both, our daughters has this genetic mutation they have a wider selection of options.  If things are still the same then as they now, though, I can tell them all about this experience and that I survived all of this very well.  So today I am grateful, happy, and feeling good.

No update photos today because Mike and I are going to watch a movie together.  Between my surgery/recovery and his work schedule, it’s been months since we’ve been able to have a movie night.  So I’ll just let you know that my left noob is a little bit more swollen, but nothing too drastic.  My abdominal scar looks a little less puckered at the corners but still has a hint of that indentation near my belly button.  You’ll see tomorrow.  Until then sweet peas and tough cookies, take care!