Today we had a girls’ day.  Mike and his best friend took the morning to go skiing, and the girls and I went to the zoo.  We had a FANTASTIC time.  I decided that we would use the zoo trip as a little bit of a test of endurance (and a bit of exercise) for me.  This is the first “big” solo outing I’ve had with the girls since my surgery.  I didn’t take our double stroller because I wanted to rent a wagon for them to test drive (and see if we should get them one at home).  Well with today being the only forecasted nice day for about a 10 day run, the zoo and its parking lots were packed.  This meant that I had to carry both of the girls to the zoo entrance.  From our unlucky parking spot, this was probably over 50 yards.  As other parents already know, trying to get your children into and out of a crowded parking lot is nothing short of strategic warfare and Greco-Roman wrestling combined. Although, putting toddlers in headlocks is generally frowned upon.

Our day went over pretty well.  Trying to keep both girls close by, happy, or constrained was a little challenging.  Carrying one or both is dramatically different for me right now because of my limited ROM and the sort of tugging discomfort I have at my abdominal scar when I carry one of them on my hip. As you can probably guess, I am fairly sore this evening.  My shoulders, back and abdomen are sore, but I think I would be feeling better had yesterday not been Day 1 of my gym revival.

I’m hoping that how I am feeling now is short lived because I would really like to be able to take the girls for on a run with me tomorrow.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do one of my usual, hill incorporated routes but am feeling crazy enough to give it a shot (weather permitting).  Since I’m in the clear to wear a sports bra again, I want to give it a shot and see if we can work this back into our weekly routine.  So, since I hope to run tomorrow I am going to cut this post short.  Hopefully, I won’t be feeling absolutely horrid tomorrow and the weather let’s us get back on the road again.

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