This isn’t going to be the post I originally wanted to post. I started that post this morning and saved it as a draft, but something is going on with WordPress and I can’t do anything with my blog from my computer – but I can do a quick post from my iPhone. Apologies.

No ground breaking news today, other than I might have to invest in all new sports bras because all of the ones I currently own are painful to wear. The Noobs themselves are ok in the sports bras. They’re all a little tight and pull to one side (because my left noob is bigger than the right), but getting them on is a sweaty and uncomfortable 20 minute project. And then when I get one on, I start to get pins and needles in my left arm and feel like my circulation is being cut off. I want to go for a run, but I have to get myself into a good, fitting, supportive, new sports bra first.

My prosthetic nipples aren’t here yet. I wish they’d hurry up and get here because my pre-op visit for my nipple reconstruction surgery is creeping up on me. I want to put them on and see if I’m 100% sold on having nipples again. It’s been so long since I even remember looking at my own nipples.  I wonder if I’ll be put off by the prosthesis, or if it will look like the nipples are truly the missing piece to making these noobs look like designer imposters.

Thanks for following along during my journey. Sorry again for the short post. Hope to resolve my blog troubles soon. There’ve been way too many as of late.