They’re heeeeeere!  And they’re purple-ish.  The photo doesn’t do the color mismatch justice.

05/02/12 – Prosthetic purple nipples

I don’t want to get too involved with these nipples.   I also don’t really want to establish strong feelings or opinions about these because they’re only serving as a mock-up for my most likely to be reconstructed nipples.  I got this idea from another woman’s blog.  She had a bilateral mastectomy and delayed reconstruction after radiation and chemotherapy.  She didn’t want to do nipple reconstruction because she was just tired (understandably so).  So she wore these for almost a year and ultimately decided to do the nipple reconstruction. That being said…

I ordered “dark” thinking that meant a pigment closer to my own.  But these have a very, very purple tint to them.  And the “nub” part of the nipple is like a pencil eraser.  I don’t think reconstructed nipples would stand this proud.  It’s like it’s constantly below freezing where ever they manufacture these bad boys girls.

Anyway, enough of my purple nipple bashing.  I’m going to wear them, look past their faults, and see if I like them.  I think I like the idea of the nipple reconstruction and areolar tattoo, but I want to be positive.  I had a chance to look at a few areolar tattoo photos when I first met with Dr. Louie at my consultation so long ago, but I’m not sure if those were photos of Dr. Louie’s patients or just general stock photos that a lot of reconstructive surgeons have as exemplars.  These are little things that can be addressed at my pre-op visit in June.  I’m sure, by then, I’ll have a lot of other only semi-relevant crazy things to rattle off at that time.  Here’s hoping I tone down the crazy before that time.

Today I had my follow up physical therapy appointment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  I gained 30 degrees of rotation on my left side and less than 30 degrees on my right side.  I would be able to remember details about both sides if I didn’t focus so much energy and fretting on my left side.  It’s kind of annoying; I’m aware of it.  But Rachel, my therapist, said that I am progressing well and that I may be able to return to gentle yoga classes after our next follow up visit.  I am going to continue to do all of the exercises, stretches and massage that she prescribed at my first appointment, and she also gave me three new stretches to add to my daily routine.  One is a yoga-like pose (sphinx pose) to help me stretch out my abdomen and hopefully release some of the scar tissue.  While the stretch itself is easy, the sensation of my abdominal scar stretching out is one that takes some getting used to.  It still is mostly numb but I have full sensation in patches.

Instead of my regular photos, I decided to try on my purple prosthetic nipples and share them.  Avert your eyes if you’re not keen on it.

05/02/12 – Prosthetic purple nipples zoom

05/02/12 – Prosthetic purple nipples in action

05/02/12 – T-shirt time