On Saturday night, we had a wonderful Boob Voyage party and said “sayonara” to my boobies with a gaggle of friends.  It was something that I had thought on and off about doing for a while.  When my anxiety about my surgeries continued to grow, I felt the more I talked about this whole thing, then the more I would talk the fear out of myself.  I didn’t want to pick up the blower and start dropping my Debbie Downer news on everyone one-by-one, so I decided to have a party and throw a little fun and “Fuck it” at the whole situation.  And it has worked.

There was such a great mix of people from my life with us Saturday night.  I won’t rattle off an entire list of attendees, but there is a handful worthy of specific mention, because everyone should know someone like them.

Of course my wonderful husband and wonderful daughters were here with me.  Mike is and was a wonderful host, husband and father.  He was gregarious, doting, and fuzzling with the best of ‘em despite a long hiatus from the sauce.  He really brought his “A” game, but that can be expected of him.  He’s very competitive.  The girls decided to wear their “beautiful gowns”, which are actually just new Spring skirts I bought them that morning, and had a great time with the flurry of activity and new friends to play with.

My friend, Bill, who I have known the longest, was here with his amazing wife, Kelly, and their two kids.  I met Bill when I was 19, still in college, and dating his then Navy shipmate.  The seaman and I eventually split up (but remain dear friends), and I got to keep Bill in the dating divorce.  He is a great guy.  (That is an understatement.)  And then came Kelly, who is just a New Jersey gem of woman (he’s from Pittsburgh), and she swept everyone who knows Bill off of our feet.  We have seen each other through some funny and unfortunate situations.  Bill and Kelly have known (by proxy) my beloved boobies through their prime, into the Great Deflation of 2010, and into the present farewell stage.  I look forward to them seeing me through the new set, and well into our deep set wrinkles.

I met Bensen a few years after meeting Bill.  We all worked together at an indoor sports facility in Redmond, but our friendship didn’t really come into bloom until maybe a year or so later.  Bensen is an amazing person and friend whom I am so lucky to know and have had in my life through so much change.  I look back at the people we were when we met and the people that we’ve become over the years, and I’m so proud of us for being so good to each other through it all.  Everybody should have a Bensen, but this one is mine.  Bensen’s ladylove is Cate (the great!).  Cate is a California Gurrrl transplant and, as of very recently, has become our part time nanny.  She is a phenom of a woman, friend, and soul.  Everyone who meets her likes her.  TRUE STORY.  I am glad that Cate and Bensen are an item, and lucky to have them both in my life.

Monell is part of our trifecta, f/k/a the Triple Threat, f/k/a The Breakfast Club.  I met Monell through Bensen, who were hockey buddies and friends.  Over the years our friendship has gone from casual, to buddy, to the next level.  When I was pregnant and into my post partum period, Monell was jokingly, on more than one occasion, referred to as my stunt-husband.  She is reliable.  She is and has been here for me.  She has an excellent ear, offers a terrifically supportive shoulder, and is also a surprisingly great keeper of secrets.  Not that I have any; it’s just the word on the street.  She has been called on to take me to one than more doctor visit, and one definitely scary trip to the emergency room.  She has been a great best friend to me.

Jenna used to be my #1 co-conspirator in my early 20’s.  We got into a lot of trouble together, but that is a great base for many long lasting friendships.  We don’t see each other very often, but when we do it is a sweet embrace that lasts a long while.  As my surgery date has loomed closer and closer, she has been a much more frequent flier on this roadside.  Some friends are just good like that.  They sense a heavy weight, and they come around to lend support as often as they can.

Muh’ bookclub Boos. Everyone should have a book club like I do.  These ladies have filled more households with amazing food, remarkable gossip, hilarity, and genuine warmth than you find on network television.  You generally cannot find this type of camaraderie amongst a group of women who have come together very perchance.  I was a late arriver to the book club but these women welcomed me with open arms, full plates and goblets, and friendship.  I am lucky that once a month I get to muck it up amongst this group of remarkables.  Thank you so much letting me be a part of this monthly communion and all of the belly goodness (food, drink, laughter) you bring me.

The Jacobsons are just good people.  We met Thomas in 2006 when my not-yet-then-but-now husband was looking for a contractor to remodel his (our) first home.  Thomas did a tremendous job in a really difficult situation, and he has been here ever since.  He has since built my husband’s office and, just recently, the house we are living in now.  Along with Thomas came his outstanding crew, both workers and family.  His wife, Holly, is a youthful yet old soul.  She is easy on the eyes, a whiz in the kitchen, and an absolute joy to be around.  She oozes love and nurturing.  Or at least I feel like she does.  Maybe she just really likes me and only me and not you.  She seems so worldly to me, and is, what I imagine to be, an A+++ mother and wife.  Thomas’s work crew is also tremendous and impressive.  The job foreman at our current house identifies as an existential humanist.  That is not something you’re used to hearing from a contractor.  It seems that everyone that has something to do with Thomas has picked up on his energy and his intent, and that is why they are all so great.  Thanks for sharing your greatness with us.

I didn’t specifically call out these people to make anyone else feel left out or like their friendship is held in any less esteem.  It’s just that these people have been extremely good to my family and me.  And while I can’t say thank you enough for the love, friendship, and support that they have provided (and continue to offer) to adequately reflect my appreciation, I can publish this post on the World Wide Web and make it searchable on the Internet for all to see.  And envy.

If any of you are feeling competitive for a position on my next friendship blog, I created a webpage that lists days, times, and things with which we’ll need help while I’m high as LiLo.  The URL is http://www.whatfriendsdo.com/SheraPRocks.  You will have to create a log in and password yourself.  Then contact me if you want to sign up (because you’ll need a password to sign up and verify you aren’t on the FBI’s Most Wanted list).  We may need more help than is listed from 3/26 through 4/6.  Cate is going to be out of town and our previous nanny said she would come back to help.  But that won’t be the case if she finds a new family to work with before that time comes.  We’ll keep you posted.  AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!