I downloaded this free app from iTunes to track how far (and fast) I went on my walk today.  Since the weather was unusually pleasant, again, today I was able to stay out and walk just about 3.5 miles (at a sloth’s pace).  Technology is amazing (and I’m not saying that just because I’m sitting here at almost 4 weeks of recovery from my PBM and DIEP flap reconstruction)!

04/10/12 Pedometer App

While my day was pretty uneventful and simple (much like the past week), this evening has been a different story.  Not long after I came home from my walk and settled down, I started having a pulsing sensation in my left “noob” (f/k/a “flap”).  It has been coming and going, but with it my swelling has once again gone up.  I’m really surprised at how much my activity level is still affecting my swelling.  I am almost at the 4 week mark, which is when, I’ve read that, many other women have been released to start physical therapy.  I keep wondering if I am going to have even more problems with swelling on my left side when I am in PT and actually putting my left arm through so much more use and activity.  I will have a chance to speak with my plastic surgeon about all of this on Monday, but it is nagging at me and so uncomfortable.  I am so swollen on the left side that my surgical bra will not stay closed (I wear it open in a “V” shape for more room and so as not to constrict my healing vessels).

I am also worried that this continued swelling will not completely resolve, and I will end up with two noobs of very different sizes.  If I do end up with two very different sized noobs, then I may reconsider my previous “no thank you” to the step 2 liposuction/evening out of the noobs.  The swelling on my left hip/side is less of a concern to me, but maybe I should be equally concerned about it.  I was and am hopeful that my swelling will resolve before I have to make that decision, but I’ve read on a lot of other women’s blogs that their swelling never resolved and they had liposuction on one side to even things out.  That’s another surgery, hospital stay, and at least 2 weeks of recovery not including nipple reconstruction.

This process is not for the faint of heart.  Daily photos below.  I think it’s been hard to effectively show when my left side is more swollen than usual.  I tried taking an aerial photo today so you can see the difference all around, if you’re interested.



04/10/12 - Flaps

04/10/12 - "Noobs!"

The view from above.

04/10/12 - Right side, well behaved. Thank you, right side.

04/10/12 - Left side that will seemingly not stop swelling.

04/10/12 - The stitch that will forever be.

04/10/12 - Abdominal incision