Just throwing this out there that you should preemptively cover your eyes for photos of the new belly boobs. If you are not interested in seeing how I am feeling and how my surgical sites are progressing, change the channel now!

Today was sort of a big day. I finally got moved out of the ICU and into a private patient recovery room. I wish that I could say I was getting more sleep now that I am in my own room, but they have started tapering down my drugs so I am left with more pain through out today. I understand that it is a necessary evil, but it still sucks.

Today I was able to get myself into and out of bed unassisted three times. When I was in ICU, I had a bedside commode after my catheter was pulled (because there are no in-room bathrooms in most of the ICU rooms).  I could get myself into/out of bed to use, but not really to ambulate or anything more than peeing and returning to bed.  I went for two hospital hallway walks with assistance. But I am incredibly sore and having a hard time feeling comfortable when back in bed.

I am also hopeful that two of my JP drains can be removed tomorrow. They’re all having a little bit of production, but not enough to just all four remaining in.

I also have this little pump thing from that is inserted into my abdomen to help alleviate the pain from my surgical site there. However, the pump has not been working at all since they implanted it. Despite me telling every nurses and healthcare provider here that has checked on me that this pump does not work, it still remains in place and not helping me at all. All it is really good for is me almost tripping on it when I get out of bed. Or for getting caught on things and tugging at my stitches. Not my favorite way to spend time with something.

Otherwise, I’m just hoping for some decent sleep tonight, and some JP drain removal tomorrow. I’ve been told that my reconstructed boobs are looking very good, but they’re very, very warm to the touch, and probably a bit crooked (which is normal and corrected at a later date). My pain today was probably at 5/10, with some fluctuation to higher numbers whenever I had to move around or had a drainage tube snag on something.

Cate has done a terrific job of keeping me updated about our girls, and also sending me pictures and videos of their daily activities. I miss them so much and cannot wait to get home to them. It will be a little confusing for them at first that I cannot provide care for them on my own, but I think that they’re having so much fun with Cate and all the different things they are doing with her, my husband, and mother in law.

In a few more days I will be home free, left somewhat on my own to heal at home, but also completely enjoying the fact that my sister Alyssa will be here in Seattle with me.

Until then, today’s scary pics are brought to you by dilaudid and being too sore to care.