My apologies at the outset for the truncated, tardy update. It was one of my BFFs birthday celebration this evening, so I had to go directly from mama-time to social time, which cut out blog time.

I didn’t do much too different today but noticed this morning that I have an indentation developing around my abdominal scar. It’s between my belly button and the scar itself; I think you can tell by the photo.

I’m not sure if this is just how it’s going to be, if it’s because I’m mid-cycle and bloated like I belong in the Macy’s parade, or if I’ve finally eaten enough peanut butter to put fat around my newly trimmed mid section, but I’ll hopefully find out on Monday.

This is the only photo I’m posting tonight. I’ll be back to my endless babbling at its fullest tomorrow with regular photos. Until then, twinkle, twinkle little stars.

And Happy Birthday Drew!